Wish handling eStores was easier? Try out Magento Multi Store Development.

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Published: 05th October 2011
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eCommerce has made business easy. And where there is eCommerce, there is Magento. Magento has a number of power packed features that makes trading over the web easy and reliable. More often than not, eStores fail to feature products and services in an easy-to-browse manner. Sometimes it becomes challenging for the customers to browse for what they are looking for and make online purchases.

Magento comes with outstanding eStore characteristics. With Magento Multi Store development you can set up stores in different domains and have unified control, conversely, you can also choose to have multiple stores under the same domain. Wondering what this means to your business?

Say, you run a bakery. You accept orders from your catalog of cookies, cakes, pies and other delicacies put up on your website. Alongside you also deal in a variety of canned fruits and home utilities. You put it all on your Magento website with great Magento templates. Still you donít see any improvement in your online sales. Wonder why?

Take a step back and analyze it from your customersí view point. Perhaps you need to work on the way you have put up your products and services. This is where Magento Multi Store development can help you.

With Magento Multi Store development, within one website you can have multiple stores for an enhanced user experience. Continuing the example, with Magento Multi Store development you can have separate stores for confessionary items, canned fruits and home utilities. This ups user experience in two ways. First, users can browse your offerings easily and second they can take their cart across the stores without a hitch.

Store owners get scores of benefits with Magento Multi Store development. They can manage multiple online stores using the same backend. They can have store-wise product catalogue management and inventory management. It features a provision for sharing database and pricing products differently across the stores. Store owners get analytics and reporting of each store individually.

All this, plus the facilities that Magento comes with like multiple payment gateway and tax rate integration, multi-lingual and multi-currency support, order and shipping management and others. You can give different themes for each store and can swing between seasonal themes and default store themes.

So try out Magento Multi Store development and see the Magento magic work for your business.

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